Sunday December 14, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration


NARRATOR: Back at the villa...

SCHLOCK: So, the big, pretty ring in the sky just tried to burn down the city.

SCHLOCK: I'm feeling glad to not be dead, but mostly I'm feeling like I told you so.

SORLIE: But you're not dead because the city's shields went up.  Just like I told you so.

SORLIE: Speaking of "not dead," how's the patient?  Do you know where her invading blood nannies came from?

BUNNI: She'll live.  I have a blood-nanny package that will flush her system.

BUNNI: The invaders are not of U.N.S. design.  I'm not finding signatures, though some of the assembler fragments look like lifts from Urtheep—

MAKO*interrupting* URTHEEP?!

MAKO: Mother Foxtrot.  This is bad.

BUNNI: Relax.  Like I said, I can flush your system just fine.  Ours too, if we turn out to have been infected.

MAKO: Doctor, Urtheep Industries makes the weapons used by the J.S.C., and thousands of us were issued new ones after Officer Tragun's tater "malfunctioned" yesterday.

BUNNI: Okay, but the J.S.C. are out in force today, and there haven't been any reports of them falling ill.

MAKO: Because none of them resisted this infection.

BUNNI: When you put it that way this sounds like the beginning of an invasion.

SCHLOCK: "Mother Foxtrot" sounds like something I'd like to bring a gun to.