Sunday May 10, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part I


NARRATOR: The commodore's table, Broken Wind...

TAGON: Sorry I'm late, everyone. What did I miss?

CDRE TAGON: Dinner. We've gotten to the talking bit.

TAGON: Understood. Chef, scrape up a bowl for me and I'll shovel things in while I listen and catch up.

CH'VORTHQ: There were four distinct courses, Captain. Which one do—

TAGON: *interrupting* All at once. It's okay if they touch.

CH'VORTHQ: But, the order of the—

TAGON: *interrupting* A bowl of everything is fine. It's all going into the same hole.

CH'VORTHQ: You are a monster.

TAGON: Sergeant Schlock is a monster. I'm a guy who needs a full bowl and a clean spoon.

NARRATOR: Commissary 14: Jumpstar Prime...

SCHLOCK: Mmmm... these are good.

MURTAUGH: Trade-locked recipes usually are. Try the nackle-caramel gelato.

SCHLOCK: Not yet. That one should come after the bacon churros. The fat molecules are shorter.

MURTAUGH: I always had you pegged as an "all in the same hole" kind of eater.

SCHLOCK: Just because it all goes in the same hole doesn't mean it all goes in at the same time.

MURTAUGH: You're a monster of surprisingly discerning taste.