Sunday April 26, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part I


NARRATOR: Hospital Pod One, Jumpstar Prime...

BUNNI: If you get shot in the chest, and your heart and brain both stop, that's Laz-1.

Nanny bags, cryokits, and replacement organs have been letting us bring people back from Laz-1 death for a long time now.

It's almost exactly like waking up from a coma. Sometimes it's like waking up from a really good nap.

Now... if you get shot in the head, destroying some brain tissue, that's Laz-2.


BUNNI: Very briefly, yes.

BUNNI: The new RED-REO nannies can recover pretty much all of the lost brain structure from the bone and skin backups.

Waking up from a Laz-2 isn't bad. Some recent memories may be missing, but that's it.

Laz-3 is what happened to you. An explosion pulverized your head.

The rest of your body was in pieces, but we had all of the pieces, so you didn't lose too much. RED-REO indices say you only lost about 1% of your, you know... you.

BUNNI: Laz-4 is when the brain is gone and the RED-REO has been compromised.

It's what you would have had if our massive ursumari friend hadn't reached in front of you.

MURTAUGH: Sanctum Maiori...

How's he doing?

NARRATOR: Meanwhile...

CDRE TAGON: Captain Landon! I have heard a lot about you. I wanna shake your...

CDRE TAGON: Is it safe to touch that?

LANDON: I don't know. Tenzy built it, and she's all about being a weapon.