Sunday May 24, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part I


NARRATOR: Broken Wind, Conference Room Two...

TAGON: The A.I. would only answer to our tiny waif of a coxswain, Ventura, so there was nothing I could do when the girl told Bristlecone to hit the spindle entrance at speed.

SORLIE: I hate when that happens.

TAGON: You know how scale fools the Mark I eyeball, right?

The spindle entrance was big, and we all knew it was big, but to our eyes it was just a black dot.

TAGON: Well, it starts to grow, and we're coming in hotter than some munitions do, and for just a moment I thought "This is it. This is where I die."

SORLIE: I take it you lived.

TAGON: Corporal Nicholson had asked whether the opening was big enough for ships.

TAGON: Ventura said we could park battleplates in it.

Before anybody could ask "How many" she said "All of them."

We crossed the last thousand klicks of approach, and in the blink of an eye that tiny dot was an ocean of blackness, and we dove straight down.

TAGON: And then? Well, at that point we were inside the biggest space station known to anybody.

SORLIE: And you're going to use Jumpstar Prime to build a city inside it.

TAGON: There's plenty of room. Also, it rains a lot.

KEVYN: Tell her about the hurricane.