Wednesday May 27, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part I


NARRATOR: An important conference call...

BALA-AMIN: Sir, what's going on?

NARRATOR: This is General Bala-Amin, of the United Nations of Sol Vehicularium...

She is the highest-ranked "traffic cop" in the U.N.S., and she... "knows things."

NARRATOR: This is U.N.S. Interim Secretary General Breya Andreyasn...

BREYA: I was about to extend an offer to you, but apparently I am being played.

NARRATOR: Her accidental rise to supreme political power came by virtue of not dying.

NARRATOR: This is Petey, a massively parallel melded intelligence, and Emperor Pius Dei of the Plenipotent Dominion...

He is, bar none, the most powerful single entity in the galaxy.

PETEY: You are not being played, Secretary General. You are being brilliant.

But if you were being played, then it would be as a key piece in a game whose outcome would feature all of the win/win ever.

NARRATOR: He is philanthropic, benevolent, and cuddly, but he is never not playing you.