Sunday June 7, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part I


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, in the Hospital Pod aboard Jumpstar Prime...

BUNNI: Hello, Vog. Can you understand me?

VOG: Yee...



VOG: Yes.

This language am I speaking; you have put it into my head somehow.

BUNNI: You used to speak it fluently, but your brain was badly damaged.

VOG: You called me "Vog." A single syllable. Was this a deliberate insult, or are you as ignorant as you seem?

BUNNI: Let's go with "ignorant." I am Doctor Bunnigus. How would you like me to address you?

VOG: My caste is never to be spoken to directly, nor even seen by outsiders.

You are not to address me at all, and may only speak to me via a member of the Mediator Class.

VOG: Since no mediators are present, and since you claim to have operated on my brain, I must assume that I am a prisoner of war.

BUNNI: You, umm... Wow.

I don't know where to start.

VOG: Start by removing these restraints and providing me with a weapon.

At that point you will no longer need to make decisions. Are these terms agreeable to you?

BUNNI: I think I'll start by calling security.