Sunday June 21, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part I


NARRATOR: 0900 hours, Sol System Universal Station Time...

SCHLOCK: So now our shiny new battleplate is just cargo.

MURTAUGH: By some definitions, this trip makes the J.P. a boat.

SCHLOCK: How come we're not flying there ourselves?

MURTAUGH: We don't have an A.I.

SCHLOCK: Eeeiaah... Ennesby is right behind you.

ENNESBY: It's okay, Sergeant. I didn't want the job.

ENNESBY: I'd much rather not extend my awareness to battleplate size only to be surgically demoted later.

SCHLOCK: Why would you get demoted?

ENNESBY: When we arrive in Eina-Afa we'll be carving this thing up for parts.


Nobody said anything about carving.

Ship: *written and printed* PRiMe!

MURTAUGH: It's true.

Your hull decoration was for naught.

Are you disappointed?

SCHLOCK: I'll only be disappointed if I don't get to do the carving.