Sunday June 14, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part I


NARRATOR: Jumpstar Prime, Garrison Pod McEnrowe, Brig Four...

ELF: Doctor, what's your team doing in here? Why did you light up this pod?

BUNNI: I'm sorry, Commander. We needed a brig for... for him.

ELF: Is that Vog?

BUNNI: Not-Vog.

He self identifies as an enemy combatant and wants to kill us all.

ELF: What a mess... We'll sort it out, but he can't stay here.

The Neoafans granted this pod to the United Nations of Sol. It is now part of Ambassador Bala-Amin's embassy, so we need to vacate.

Captain Landon is here to oversee the transfer.

LANDON: There's no hurry, ladies. If you need some time to make arrangements for this little guy, that's fine.

NOT-VOG: You are a Captain, outranking these others?

LANDON: Technically, perhaps? Different jurisdictions.

NOT-VOG: Then you have multiple, competing polities here?

LANDON: "Polities" is a weird word, but yeah.

It's okay. We're all pretty friendly.

NOT-VOG: Not so friendly that you all share a single jurisdictional authority, however.

The arrangement requires an embassy, yes?

LANDON: Well, yes.

NOT-VOG: Doctor Bunnigus, you violated my brain with this language, but I must thank you for giving me the exact words I now need.

NOT-VOG: Captain Landon,

I request asylum.

SCHLOCK: Why are you looking at me? Nobody said there were words he wasn't supposed to have.