Friday June 12, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part I

Commentary: Today's installment, in which the Sergeant claims to have "eaten a lot of things," is the 5,479th Schlock Mercenary strip to air online since the strip's inception in June of 2000. The comic has updated every day for fifteen years and one day.

"Eaten a lot of things" doesn't begin to describe that.


SCHLOCK: Hey. Sorry you're so mad about stuff. We're gonna transfe—

VOG: *screaming, interrupting* AAAUUUGH!

The doom-sciencers were right! The green goo has taken everything!

Am I the last of my kind, to be kept in a cage for your amusement? Did you enjoy eating my world?

SCHLOCK: I've eaten a lot of things. How big was this world of yours?