Sunday August 2, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part II


NARRATOR: Briefing...

CDRE TAGON: Mayor Unuaiyya invited several expeditions of science tourists to explore Eina-Afa's wilderness. They'll be using Jumpstar Prime as a home base.

MURTAUGH: How many people are in these expeditions?

CDRE TAGON: That's a good question, but there's a better one.

TAGON: This is the "Ask the Right Question" training game.

MURTAUGH: I've played before.

KEVYN: Are these actual expeditions, organized with trained support staff, security, and emergency services?


But that's the right question.

KEVYN: We're neither equipped nor trained to provide that, Commodore.

CDRE TAGON: That is exactly what I told Mayor Unuaiyya and the Council. They said they'd already solved that problem by leasing three hundred and sixteen pods to various "entrepreneurial camp followers."

MURTAUGH: Is this the "Utter the Appropriate Polite-Company Curse" training game?

CDRE TAGON: It is, now that you've thrown down the gauntlet.

MURTAUGH: Son of a scat-sucking supply sergeant...

CDRE TAGON: That exact franchise will arrive tomorrow at 1400.

Perfect marks, Captain Murtaugh.