Sunday August 16, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part II


NARRATOR: The Sanctum Adroit command cruiser Sequoia, near Celgate...

MENENDEZ: Welcome aboard. I am Colonel Menendez.

MASSEY: Massey Reynstein, corporate attorney.

MENENDEZ: I understand you have an offer to extend, Mister Reynstein.

MASSEY: Yes. We need a police force for an instant city on the Eina-Afa interior.

MENENDEZ: We have principles. We don't do "company town" enforcement.

MASSEY: It's not a "company town." The station interior is going to become a destination for science tourists.

MENENDEZ: You've built a city for exploring a space station?

MASSEY: The city is inside the station, perched on a wall a thousand kilometers above the interior surface.

MENENDEZ: A thousand... I am having trouble picturing that.

What is Eina-Afa?

MASSEY: Picture this:

We need law enforcement for a city whose population is about to jump from less than two hundred to over twenty thousand.

MENENDEZ: You're in a hurry. How soon does bidding close?

MASSEY: Yours will be the only bid. We want Sanctum Adroit.

MENENDEZ: Flattering, but what about due diligence?

MASSEY: What about "Name your price, the tourists begin arriving in eighteen hours?"