Sunday March 6, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part III


NARRATOR: The Stormring, Eina-Afa...

Saurian researcher: It's so peaceful here. Not what I was expecting.

SORLIE: We're in the lacuna.

There's a storm to windward, and a storm to leeward, but they're both about 5,000 kilometers away.

SORLIE: In forty-one hours Akkrok will arrive with sustained winds of over two hundred and thirty kilometers per hour.

Saurian researcher: "Akkrok."

What does the name mean?

SORLIE: I didn't ask.

Saurian researcher: No sense of curiosity?

SORLIE: All I really need to know is that I do not want to meet a storm that someone has given a name to.