Sunday May 15, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: The Esspererin colony city Beskin-Sashik...

MURTAUGH: Nice. The tiny Esspererin have massive mech suits. Should we expect additional surprises?

KATHRYN: I have no idea.

KATHRYN: By definition, I guess that means "Yes, expect surprises."

MURTAUGH: Which means you do have one idea. That's a start.

We require more. Where do you have to be in order to get them?

KATHRYN: Which "them?"


KATHRYN: Did you really just ask me "Where do you get your ideas?"

MURTAUGH: Yes, because you're an analyst, not an artist.

KATHRYN: I'm an analyst, not an intelligence agency.

KATHRYN: I'm just one person, and this mountain of data is way out of my field.

KATHRYN: Esspererin physiology abstracts read like...

Like schematics for esoteric robotics projects.



MURTAUGH: It sounds like you have two ideas now. Does that mean we're in the right place?