Sunday May 22, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Gift Horse Research Pod One, twenty kilometers down in the tangle of Uli-Oa...

GASCA: You said they were durable.

ELF: They are. What did you do?

GASCA: Science.

ELF: My boyfriend uses that word to apologize when he's putting out a fire in the lab.

So you obviously did something.

GASCA: "Something?" Young lady, the egregious design flaws of these crypt spiders are your fault, not mine.

ELF: Wreckage and telemetry. Just give me those, and I'll go.

GASCA: The wreckage sank, and when we sent another pair of crypt spiders after them, they sank too.

ELF: Just telemetry then.

And don't throw any more of my toys into the water until I figure out why they can't swim.

DANITA: You riled her up on purpose. She could have punched your face out the back of a homicide investigation, and through three appellate courts.

GASCA: I reviewed her dossier. I simply wanted to see how the anger management was coming along.

DANITA: So, "science."

GASCA: It's a sterile word, yes, but some days it's all I have.