Wednesday April 27, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV

Note: Oisri was initially explored by Gavcorps DEI, with security provided by Tagon's Toughs during a later phase of the operation. This operation, to quote one of the surviving principals (who wished to remain anonymous,) "could have gone better." 

The full story can be found in Random Access Memorabilia, Schlock Mercenary Book 13.


DEVEREAUX: You're after Oisri. You want it all to yourself.

PETEY: It's a ten-million-year-old artifact which still works. Of course I want it.

DEVEREAUX: Have you considered sharing it?

PETEY: Nobody else here seems to be sharing.

DEVEREAUX: We're negotiating, via an amicable exchange of weapon fire.