Friday December 2, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, back at the shareholder's meeting...

MURTAUGH: This coupon awards me some of the output of the world forge that Petey and Andreyasn Prime have begun building.

I think that means we didn't fail.

CDRE TAGON: But... Gasca said we can't build one. We would have to capture a Pa'anuri to help power it.

ELF: That would be impossible for us, but I guess Petey can do it.

KEVYN: Maaaybe, but that's not his style.

KEVYN: Oh... That's why he went to all that trouble to secure Oisri for himself.

He's going to use it to create a Pa'anuri.

A non-sentient Pa'anuri that won't complain about the long hours.

ELF: That sounds like a terrible idea.

KEVYN: If my time clone is on the job, it might just work.

SCHLOCK: If your time clone is on the job, it's definitely going to work, and it's still a terrible idea.

KEVYN: It might save the galaxy, though.

SCHLOCK: You gotta figure out how to do that using good ideas.