Sunday December 4, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Epilogue: Jumpstar Prime, two days later.

BUNNI: May I have a moment, Commodore?

CDRE TAGON: I'm done with the funeral plans. Take as many moments as you want.

BUNNI: Your son's death was a Laz-5 event. There was nothing to recover at the scene.

CDRE TAGON: Hence the funeral plans.

BUNNI: I reviewed the RED-REO backups here in the city. Captain Tagon's gestalt was refreshed just forty minutes before he died.

BUNNI: We have a fully viable data set right here, ready to go.

CDRE TAGON: Spit it out, Doctor. Use people-words.

BUNNI: I can't bring Captain Tagon back, but I can build another one.

SCHLOCK: I love this idea. How much meat do you need?


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