Sunday February 12, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part I


CHELLE: Your dossier checks out. This interview consists of just one question.

Why do you want to enlist with us?

Fobott'r recruit: I want to serve with Captain Kaff Tagon.

CHELLE: Elaborate?

Fobott'r recruit: He's a hero. And he's our kind of hero.

Any one of us will take a hit to save the rest of us. The Fobott'r Fighting Clan Code is "Grip tight."

Captain Tagon walked a warhead into the middle of an enemy armor squadron to save his crew. He is a grip-tight Fobott'r, even if he is a couple of hands short.

Fobott'r recruit: Serving with him would be a privilege. The best service is given proudly in front of those who have your back.


TAGON: So... that thing where you sacrificed yourself?

TAGON: I don't think I can live up to that.

TAGON: Do not say "At least you get to live."

TAGON: Even if you're right, you are a statue. Saying anything is wrong.