Sunday February 19, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part II


NARRATOR: Jumpstar Prime...

CHELLE: Here are Squad One's new recruits, Captain.

TAGON: Tandersil, you said "a couple of friends."

TANDERSIL: Yes. Two of the recruits are my friends, the other two are very trustworthy acquaintances.

TAGON: Mm-hmm... I can't tell male and female Fobott'r apart, so I have a question:

Am I looking at three males and three females, in three groups of two?

TANDERSIL: I had a couple of friends who were each part of a, umm... couple.

So, yes.

TAGON: Listen carefully. Each of the six of you, each individual, is becoming part of a larger team. My team. The team needs you to always remember that.

TANDERSIL: Understood, sir. Your team is the whole reason we're here.

TAGON: The six of you will be bunking in one cabin. I hope that doesn't make any of you uncomfortable.

CHELLE: The males are the ones whose ears just went red.

TAGON: Yup. Got it.