Friday April 20, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part III


NARRATOR: Aboard the M39-b, the lone surviving shuttle from Maxim 39...

unknown Tough 1: STS cannons?

This is a gunboat, not a shuttle. It needs a name.

gunboat: *printed* M39b

unknown Tough 2: Thurl says boats without their own brains don't get their own names.

unknown Tough 1: Yeah, but Thurl is dead.

unknown Tough 2: Everybody has Laz-5 backups. Chief Gunther Thurl will be back.

unknown Tough 1: Wait... "Gunther?"

I dub gunboat M39-b Guntherboat for great honor.

unknown Tough 2: Thurl won't hear any honor in that.