Sunday April 8, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part III


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, in a place so alien it almost seems to be part of a different story...

CHINOOK: There is no place for you in the House of the New Gods.

Your time is past.

The epoch of elders is over.

IAFA: Power down, whelp.

I built this house, and the "new gods" are unworthy of it.

CHINOOK: My worthiness is not for you to judge.

CHINOOK: And my power?

It goes...



PUTZHO SHARD: You okay, Iafa?

IAFA: Nice catch, Putzho. Great camouflage, too.

IAFA: Chinook made quite a mess of this place.

PUTZHO SHARD: I don't think the new gods should get their deposit back.