Sunday April 22, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part III


NARRATOR: Aboard the U.P.A. frigate Fangstorm...

unknown U.P.A. 1: Can you imagine the disaster if the Uuplechan Senate hears what she's saying?

unknown U.P.A. 2: Rulliff made the right call, sending her to us.

unknown U.P.A. 1: What's the next step?

unknown U.P.A. 2: Plant charges on the main annie of Soulward Honor. Make it explode just like the mining hab, or the merc ship.

unknown U.P.A. 1: I mean with our "guest." What about her?

unknown U.P.A. 2: Escort her to "her quarters." Rear bay. Walk her past a shaped charge, and blow her out the back of the ship.

unknown U.P.A. 1: Ah. I get it.

If anybody does find what's left of her, they'll assume she died when Soulward Honor was destroyed.

unknown U.P.A. 2: Make it happen. We need to move fast.

SCHLOCK: You'll need to move faster than that.