Saturday July 21, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part III

Note: Some historians consider the founding of Clan Gugro in Outer Uuplech to be the end of 2200 years of tension between the Fobott'r and the Uuplech. Certainly, if you take a long view, this level of cooperation and social engineering between Uuplechans and Fobott'r stands out dramatically, but the historians who pronounced it to be the end of tension were, like most historians, notably absent at the time everything was still very tensely going on.

For our purposes, however, the clan's founding will serve nicely as a marker. The problems facing Peri and her cadre of counselors run squarely along the lines of "let's build more houses," and we've already agreed to skip those bits.

It is worth noting, however, that in a genuinely astronomical case of coincidence, Clan Gugro took delivery of a container of overstock which originated in a "dead inventory" warehouse on Othlin. Two bullets, along with their snug bed of packing material, joined vast piles of other scrap, and eventually made their way into the construction of a few of those houses we're not talking about.