Thursday June 7, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Battle for the Wormgate


Petey:Sir, I've tractotred the damaged wormgate command center. Scans indicate that there are numerous enemy survivors on board.
Tagon:Okay, Thank you. Nice work, Petey.
Torpth'g'd'p'tawn:Captain, the wormgate corporation will pay handsomely for those prisoners.
Nejjat Chancellor:Captain Tagon, your contract is not with the gatekeepers. It's with the federation of Nejjat and we would prefer to handle the captives ourselves.
Tagon:Our now fulfilled contract stipulated the neutralization of the threat. The disposition of the prisoners needs to be bid seperately.
Torpth'g'd'p'tawn:Did you say "Bid?"
Nejjat Chancellor:(thinking) I hate mercenaries...
Narrator:This ain't a charity, chancellor.