Sunday June 10, 2001

Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Battle for the Wormgate


Narrator:Negotiations continue, sort of...
Schlock:I came as soon as I heard! Where are they?
Tagon:Who are you looking for, sergeant?
Schlock:Attorney drones, Massey tells me that they're permanently in season now.
Tagon:There were four. I got all of them.
Schlock:You didn't leave any for me? That's not fair.
Tagon:Fair? So far i've gotten a total of four. How many have you bagged?
Schlock:I dunno. Twenty-something?
Tagon:Gee, you're right. That doesn't sound fair, now does it?
Schlock:Oops. I think i'm needed elsewhere.
Tagon:Now, where were we?
Nejjat Chancellor:The nejjat government will pay a 2000 cred-per-head bounty for the captives in the tractored control center captain.
Tagon:Your people are very generous, chancellor.
Torpth'g'd'p'tawn:My people will match any competing bid for these captives.
Tagon:So i'm hearing 2000 creds per from both of you. Help me make up my mind, please.
Torpth'g'd'p'tawn:Not only will we match the bid, but we will not require your extraction services. We will take the captives ourselves.
Tagon:Oooh, I like that. Do you have a counteroffer, chancellor?
Nejjat Chancellor:I hate mercenaries.
Tagon:Sold to the gatekeepers, then?
Nejjat Chancellor:Fine.
Tagon:Come on, chancellor, everybody wins here. You'll have an operational wormgate soon, the gatekeepers will have some prisoners to interrogate, presumably to plug a security hole on their part, and my company gets paid. Who got left out?
Narrator:The opposing force. Oh well...
Nejjat Terrorist Lea:
Nejjat Terrorist Tro: