Monday September 23, 2002
The Immobilizer 450 obtained its numerical designation from the same place it obtained its appeal -- the muzzle diameter. At nearly half a meter around, it looks more like a place to hide than something you'd get shot with. (Important safety tip: never ever hide in the barrel of an Immobilizer 450).
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part II: Filling the Tub of Happiness


Petey:Sergeant, I need to issue you a replacement weapon for this operation.
Schlock:Nope. My weapons work just fine, thanks.
Petey:Orders, sergeant. Non-lethal force only, Sorry.
Schlock:But... my plasgun... my sawed-off multicannons...
Petey:I think you'll be happy with what you're getting.
Petey:Check out the muzzle diameter on the immobilizer four-fifty...
Schlock:Whoa... That'll shoot a lot of glue.