Wednesday August 2, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Diplomatic Pouch of Doom


Doctor: I've analyzed the tissue sample you brought me. One cell told me the whole story. I really didn't need the entire arm.
Ennesby: So, you'd rather I just gave you the finger?
Doctor: Don't pun, just listen. The Creeth ambassador's creators left their product codes in his gene sequence.
Ennesby: Was there a manual in there too? Disarming directions would be handy.
Doctor: One more forelimb pun and I'll have you decapitated.
Ennesby: Oooh, nice parry, Doc.
Doctor: The code read "Creeth Munitions and High Explosives, Exploding Ambassador Version 0.95A".
Ennesby: Wow, you caught them red-handed!
Doctor: Perhaps I should give you the finger....