Saturday August 26, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Diplomatic Pouch of Doom


SFX: (Der Trihs' jar bubbling)
Ch'vorthq: Hi, guys. I came by to apologize. I feel pretty bad about your accident.
Der Trihs: It wasn't your fault. You didn't know your arm was explosive.
Ennesby: It packed quite a punch, let me tell you.
Der Trihs: Not the puns again.
Ch'vorthq: I also wanted to thank you. The Doctor gave me your old cybernetics as replacements for my arms. He said you wouldn't need them for a while.
Der Trihs: Don't say it.
Ennesby: Cool. Hand-me-downs!
Der Trihs: The puns are not cheering me up, you flying maraca.