Thursday August 10, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Diplomatic Pouch of Doom


Der Trihs: This hypernet site is great!
Ennesby: So what does this gesture mean, again?
SFX: Thrust
Sign: Censored
Der Trihs: Apparently it means "use something -or-other as a rectal probe".
Ennesby: Useful for doctors, I guess. What about this one?
SFX: Flik
Sign: Censored
Der Trihs: It says here that it means "Use your turn signal, please."
Ennesby: Boring. Go to the next page.
Ennesby: Eeeewww.
Der Trihs: Disgusting.
Ennesby: I don't think I want to touch a hand that has done that.
Der Trihs: Me neither. You do it.