Friday April 19, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — The Teraport Wars


Breya: I know these mercenaries well, colonel. They're greedy and violent, but they're also quite smart.
Breya: The want-ad you run needs to be tailored to the resources they've got. The compensation range should be generous, but not so outlandish as to arouse suspicion.Try to hint at adventure without making it sound too risky. Add a bit of mysterious flavor to it, for good measure.
Jaksmouth: Maximum length is 15 words, admiral. I can't do all that in 15 words.
Breya: Pretend you're packing for a field op, and you have to carry it all on your back--only it's words instead of materiel.
Jaksmouth: Okaaay... I suppose I should begin by requisitioning a thesaurus and two bottles of aspirin.