Sunday April 7, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight


Narrator: Different military units will call it different things, but whether you say 'L2' (Lessons Learned), 'DB' (Debriefing), 'AAR' (After-Action Review), 'PM' (Post-mortem), 'BMC' (Battle management critique) or even 'TLA' (Three letter acronym), The intent is the same: Assign blame, and don't get any on you.
Tagon: Before we begin, Kevyn, I want to make sure you know that the losses we had on this op were well within operational parameters.
Kevyn: Thank you, sir.
Tagon: Especially considering that those parameters were derived from 400 years of bell-curve results from every loose-cannoned nitwit on record for command of a small force in hostile territory, I think that you'd have to have killed your entire team with your bare hands to have fallen outside them.
Der Trihs: Ooooh. That's gonna leave a mark.
Kevyn: Captain, we would have been just fine if our backup had been timelier.
Petey: Hey, You're getting ready to blame me for something here.
Kevyn: All i'm saying is that someone (And I won't say who) needs a major sensor upgrade.
Petey: And perhaps somebody I won't name should have committed more forces at the outset.
Tagon: You both have good points. Thurl, Look into sensor upgrades for Petey. Kevyn, you and petey look into fabbing some heavy armor. Of tanks, and then work your way up.Next time we go into harm's way, I want most of the harm to be working for us.
Thurl: Sir, I can acquire sensor plans online, and i'm sure we can feed the fabber an abandoned building or three, but what about personnel?
Tagon: What do you mean?
Thurl: The kind of force you're talking about being able to deplay is an order of magnitude larger than our entire complement of grunts and support staff.
Tagon: Well, maybe it's time to start recruiting. We have at least one opening, and I'm ready to see some new faces around here.
Author: You want me to keep track of the artwork on three hundred new faces?Do you have any idea how difficult that is?
Tagon: Hey, Who let you in here?
Author: I let myself in. Listen, that last storyline was pretty draining, and I was hoping for a spot of down-time.
Narrator: Excuse us while we get the whiney author out of the room. Proponents of fourth wall integrity will please just pretend that these last two panels never happened.