Thursday April 11, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Quest for Second Sight
There are several species of sophont here that we've not seen in Schlock Mercenary before, and a few that we have. From the head of the line to the back of the line, you're looking at a Unioc, a Fobottr, a Nejjat, a sub-bouncer-sized Vhorwed, Uklakk, a pink Wogni, another Unioc, an unimaginatively named tetrisoid, and a Shla'al on his hover-stump. I'm not sure what the thing with the upside-down head is-- I suspect it's somebody's pet, but I could be wrong. Still, who is to say what's 'upside down' anyway? Depending on the length of its tongue, I expect it can lick its eyebrows in a way humans only fantasize about.


Der Trihs: Captain, I"ve got a long list of interviews set up, but i'm concerned about the quality of these applicants.
Tagon: Lieutenant, this star system is an absolute gold mine for mercenary types. We should have a wonderful pool to hire from. What's the problem?
Der Trihs: Frankly, sir, once upon a time we had a very strict humans-only policy for recruiting.
Narrator: Riiight.. If by 'We' you mean 'I,' and by 'once upon a time' you mean 'in the very first strip.'
Der Trihs: You stay out of this, box-boy.
unknown tetrisoid to: