Tuesday February 24, 2004
Book 4: The Blackness Between — Part V: Backstabbing on the Fast Track
The water-filled crater in the middle of the inlet on the west side of Manhattan (west is up in this image) was NOT created by an attack on the arcology that replaced the shopping center that replaced the park that replaced the tenement housing put up to replace the lovely buildings that replaced the World Trade Center. The arcology attack merely resulted in a few fires, an evacuation, and three executions. The crater was caused by poor aim in an attack on Jersey City. There's another water-filled crater inland, affectionately known as the "Jersey City Memorial Cooling Pond," created shortly after the Europan Separatists recalibrated their cannon.


Narrator: The U.N.S. Tunguska is a battleplate, part of a massive fleet of similar ships built to defend against planetary impacts.
Narrator: If it landed on the Manhattan peninsula it would reach clear from the Statue of Civil Liberty to the Popeil School of Engineering.
Narrator: 21st-century readers will need updated maps.