Sunday March 20, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part IV: Old Habits Die Hard


NARRATOR: Cavalry, fairy godmother, deus ex machina...  These are all less-than-apropo monikers to hang on the UNS Battleplate Vredefort right now.

(unknown, Vredefort): Serial Peacemaker, this is the Vredefort.  Please make ready to receive passengers.

ENNESBY: Sir, I think we're about to be boarded.

NARRATOR: The Vredefort saved the day, yes.  Think of it, though, as "the piper," because the piper always needs to be paid.

UNS MARINE: Where's Captain Kevyn Andreyasn?

KEVYN: Right here, gentlemen.  Is this about the galactic core event and the Athens II?

UNS MARINE: We picked up a 'cast from the Athens II, yes.  What did you have to do with the destruction of that ship?

KEVYN: Um... nothing?  I mean, we were talking to them and learned they were too close to this anomaly at the galactic core, and then we got cut off.

KEVYN: Didn't you read what Athena sent you?  I thought that was why you were saving my bacon.

UNS MARINE: In a word, no.  Athena's message threw up a red flag because of your name, and the associated coordinates.

KEVYN: And my name is flagged...

UNS MARINE: ...because of a certain customer list your people have purloined.

KEVYN: Ah.  Well, as long as you're here, can we talk about saving the galaxy?

UNS MARINE: Boy, hand some folks an ounce of political antimatter and they become megalomaniacs.

ENNESBY: No, he's pretty much always like this.