Sunday March 6, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part IV: Old Habits Die Hard


NARRATOR: Captain Andreyasn returns to the convention workshop with unfortunate news.


KEVYN: My sister is dead.

GAVCLONE 1: I'm... I'm sorry to hear that.

KEVYN: Yeah, well... a lot more people are going to die before this is over.

KEVYN: The last transmission from the Athens II confirms our numbers.  The AI had much better sensors than the probes you've been using.

GAVCLONE 2: You've plugged the numbers in already?

KEVYN: Ennesby did.  I've never seen the maraca so...  Heh.

KEVYN: Heh-heh.


KEVYN: Hooo, boy.

GAVCLONE 2: What's so funny?

KEVYN: Sorry.

KEVYN: I was going to say "I've never seen the maraca so rattled."

GAVCLONE 1: Uh-huh?  Yeah.  Focus, Kevyn.

KEVYN: Sorry, Gav.  I just needed to laugh.

GAVCLONE 1: Sure, we all need to laugh.  Somebody spun our galactic core up to improbable speeds, pushed it off the zero-point-energy curve, and birthed an expanding universe of death.

Time runs hundreds of times faster there, though, so we'd better hurry up and be done laughing.  The clock is ticking!

KEVYN: On the bright side, we can be pretty sure that nobody is going to try to personally assassinate us.

ENNESBY (on comm): Captain, the Bangers are inbound.  We have eight minutes to get clear.

KEVYN: Well, nobody's trying to personally assassinate you.  It's time for me to run away now.