Monday March 14, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part IV: Old Habits Die Hard


CEEPEE: Sir, their A.I. just sent me some very interesting reading.

CAPT. OF THE PRANGER: Whatever it is, CeePee, they're bluffing.

CEEPEE: Actually, no.  it checks out.  Apparently the galaxy is doomed to annihilation within weeks, and these guys have a plan to save us all.

NARRATOR: Aboard the flagship Colonel Pranger.

CAPT. OF THE PRANGER: Really?  Did the A.I. send us a copy of this "plan?"

CEEPEE: He did.  He invited us to help them, but in the event we decided not to, he hoped we would at least forward this information to those who could use it.

CAPT. OF THE PRANGER: Well... okay then.

CAPT. OF THE PRANGER: Continue the attack.  Once they're dead, we'll worry about finding a way to get paid for saving the galaxy.

CEEPEE: You'll forgive me if I enjoy this operation a little less than I originally planned to.