Monday December 12, 2005
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part III: Return to the Tub of Happiness
Note: The probation clause in the Sacred Charter of Qlaviql has not been invoked in several generations, and has been the subject of significant debate almost since the Charter itself was ratified over 800 years ago. The legality of Petey's invocation depends in part upon the Beekro Precedent, in which General Beekro replaced the Principal of Thrice during a military coup, and declared the probation period to have begun two days earlier when the first shots were fired.

A complete discussion of four-dimensional knot of probation precedents is beyond the scope of this footnote, but with regard to the "defend" aspects of the Charter, 4th-century Judiciary Foreback The Honorable Mft. Pangle Teebro said it best: "Okay, it looks like might really DOES make right. Please put down the gun, and let's talk about this."


Petey: Your Sacred Charter states that an assembly that fails to adhere to the charter can be removed.
Petey: I am here to alert you to the fact that you are now on probation, and unless you quickly demonstrate adherence to the charter, you will be removed.
Principal of Thrice: Petey: Ten minutes.
Principal of Thrice: That's not very much time.
Petey: Spend less of it talking.