Sunday November 7, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part V: Command and Conquer


TAGII: Paris 3317 Teraport Area Denial is now being provided by a courier sloop, the Swimming Scorpion.

She is hiding behind Paris.  At our current speed our munitions cannot corner to reach her.

KEVYN: You brought us in too fast.  We can't decelerate and engage.

TAGII: No.  But even if we could, Paris' point defenses have that sloop thoroughly defended.

KEVYN: So we're just abandoning our friends behind enemy lines...


KEVYN PRIME: They've seen us!  Scissors out, Tailor!

KERCHAK: Petey.  You've got to do something.

PETEY: I am doing all I can, but I cannot hack that sloop in time.  I'm sorry, Kerchak.

GEN. TAGON: Ow!  My monkey!

TAGON: Gimme that, Ebby.  The bad guys just rolled in an entire brigade.

GEN. TAGON: Oh no... they've found my head.

NICK: *shouting* MEDIC!

KEVYN: Please, Tagii.  We built you to be a tactical genius.  Save their lives...

BUNNIGUS: I don't think I can patch that.

TAGII: I am saving the lives on this ship, sir.  That is the best we can hope for now.

SCHLOCK: Time to rock n' roll?

BURANABOT: There is a back-beat version of "Ride of the Valkyries," but we've composed our cover based on the original.