Sunday May 8, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part II: Mass and Might


NARRATOR: Beggar's Boardwalk, Haven Hive...

ENNESBY: We need to hurry.

Our quarry has hacked three cameras along Beggar's Boardwalk.  I know where they are headed.

SHIP: *printed* Serial Beggar

ENNESBY: Haven Hive is built of freight canisters and scuttled ships.  One of those ships is a luxury liner called The Serial Beggar.

ENNESBY: Our quarry is on this path because they are leaving this canister.  They must be taking Shep to the Beggar.

SCHLOCK: Dumb question.  Can they fly that cereal beggar ship away?

ENNESBY: That's... actually a really good question...

SCHLOCK: You don't have to act all surprised.

ENNESBY: I'm not surprised.  I'm researching an answer.

ENNESBY: Interesting.  Beggar can't detach, so she won't be flying anywhere, but her longboat bays are in use.

ENNESBY: If you pay the right person, you can dock there to circumvent customs.

SCHLOCK: So there's smuggling.  There's always smuggling.  How is that interesting?

ENNESBY: Kathryn's bus just docked there.

ENNESBY: Surprised?

SCHLOCK: I'm not surprised.  I'm dreaming of tying this mess in a bow and eating it.