Sunday May 15, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


NARRATOR: Parnassus Dom, near the galactic core...

TAGII: Doctor Bunnigus is calling, sir.

TAGON: Thank you, Tagii.

TAGON: Doctor, how are you?  Have you gotten things all straightened out yet?

BUNNI: Not really, no.  Shep has been poisoned and abducted, Kathryn isn't coming back, and Schlock and Ennesby just found a big pile of corpses.

TAGON: "Found?"  Is that what they told you?

BUNNI: It's not Schlock's work, sir.  Ennesby sent pictures.  There's some sort of nanny-induced decomposition going on.

TAGON: Listen, we're still trying to figure out how to come and collect you.  Just stay put, okay?

BUNNI: No, sir.  Not okay.  If I'm right about things Shep doesn't have much time left.  We're going to get him now.

TAGON: Fine.  You're the one in the trenches.  It's your call, Lieutenant.

Is there anything we can do back here?  What do you need?

BUNNI: Besides a bunch of men and materiel you can't provide?

Nothing besides permission, Captain.

TAGON: Permission?

BUNNI: To make the news.

LEGS: Well?

BUNNI: "Permission granted," only with lots of extra, angry syllables.