Sunday May 29, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


NARRATOR: Aboard the scuttled luxury liner, Serial Beggar, home to some of Haven Hive's wealthiest people...

Shades: Your bus is this way, Ms. Flinders.

After you.

Shades: It's a nice bus.  Brand new?

KATHRYN: Yeah.  Call it an insurance settlement.

Shades: It looks like somebody might have been shooting at it.

KATHRYN: Might have.  That might be why my bus and I want to leave quietly.

Shades: You're sure you weren't planning to unload some contraband first?

NARRATOR: It is also home to some of her most dangerous.

KATHRYN: The only thing I'm smuggling is me, and I'm smuggling me out, not in.

Besides, I was told that for my money, I could dock and depart "No questions asked."

Shades: Sorry.

Shades: I shouldn't have phrased that as a question.  Unload the bus.