Sunday June 5, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


NARRATOR: Professor Pau's offices, where a tendril of Schlock observes from the duct-work...

PAU: Maximillian, I have a problem that needs your attention.

MAX: *over comm* I am at your service, Professor.

PAU: You've heard, no doubt, about the botched assault Sampaio hired?

MAX: I have.  To my knowledge the targets are still at large in the Hive.

PAU: The conveyance Sam's team failed to capture arrived in Beggar Bay, practically on our stoop!

MAX: You suspect an investigation into your business interests?

PAU: The timing could not be worse.  After months of normal operations, we just lost an entire branch of multipliers.

MAX: The arriving doctor and her friends could not have been involved in that.

PAU: No, but as you said yourself, they are still at large in the Hive, and my acquisition crews were busy all night replenishing lost stock.  There may be warm trails leading right back here to us.

MAX: I see.  I assume you want me to investigate this conveyance in Beggar Bay?

PAU: I want you to question the pilot.  Her name is Kathryn Flinders, and she is ex-U.N.S. Intelligence.

MAX: Oh.  You are right to be concerned.  I am on my way to Beggar Bay right now.

SCHLOCK: Kathryn's in trouble.

ENNESBY: I'm told a genuine smile will reach all the way to your eyes.

SCHLOCK: Then this smile is huge.