Saturday June 11, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


Note: M.D.C.U. is "Marineris Dam City University." They have a fine Law Enforcement program, along with 2nd-tier schools of Informanalysystemics, Metapistemology, and Twiterature. They also host a clown college.


MAX: Ms. Flinders, I know all about you.

KATHRYN: I doubt it.  Go ahead and make your point.

MAX: You're thirty-one years old.  Married and divorced at age 18, educated at M.D.C.U., and then recruited into U.N.S. Intelligence at age 22.  Discharged honorably a year ago.

KATHRYN: If you're going to impress a former intelligence analyst you need to do more than just read the bio she posted to her blog.

MAX: I did cross-check all your references.