Sunday March 22, 2015
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration


NARRATOR: In an unassuming flat in the "London" borough of Gherkinopolis-On-Thames...

EMM: Hmph.  I hadn't considered the possibility that the body you were streaming me to once belonged to a man.

KOWALSKI: It's young and looks nothing like the late Admiral Emm.

EMM: I'm not complaining, Kowalski.  I'll get used to it eventually.

KOWALSKI: Three things:

First, don't call me Kowalski.  You and I both have new names.

KOWALSKI: Second, you're never going to get used to it.

KOWALSKI: Third, from here on out, anybody I kill will die because I wanted them dead.  Not because you did.

I'm done being somebody else's personal sociopath.

KOWALSKI: I'm probably not done being a sociopath, but I'm definitely done talking to your corpse.

EMM: ☠