Sunday March 8, 2015
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration


SORLIE: Chesapeake, how quickly can you bring Director-General Nguyen up to speed?

CHESTER: *on comm* I briefed him while you were bemoaning your youth.  He concurs with our strategic assessment.

SORLIE: Good, because it's silly for me to still be in charge here.

SORLIE: Director-General Nguyen, this is your city.  You should be the one to take it back.

Yours is the largest force available, and they're trained for the police work that comes next.

NGUYEN: *holoprojected* Captain Sorlie, Chesapeake's briefing made crystal clear the fact that you already did the hard part.  "Nukes" notwithstanding, thank you.

SORLIE: Don't thank me yet.  We left a huge mess, and there are still pockets of brain-hacked officers running amok in Plute Plaza.

NGUYEN: *holoprojected* Chesapeake told me his forces emptied those pockets already.

SORLIE: Chesapeake?  What forces would those be?

CHESTER: *on comm* Just some stuff I found lying around.

CHESTER: *on comm* A modified M3 Incapacitator and a hungry polar bear.

P-1066: Feed me another Tater, Captain?

riot shield: *printed* J.S.C.

LANDON: Fine, but stop building drones.  I want a massage chair next.