Sunday March 29, 2015
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration


NARRATOR: Aboard the battleplate Popigai, 6 hours later.

MURTAUGH: Commander Foxworthy, relax...  You did exactly what I would have done if I'd been up here in command.

MURTAUGH: Okay, no.  Technically, that's not true.

I don't have the engineering skill to do what you did.  If I'd been up here, and you'd been down there, I'd be the one apologizing.

While running away from a devastated city and a civil war.

Now, has Popi's commissary fulfilled my request?

battleplate (foreground): *printed* AI

battleplate (background): *printed* CHICXULUB

ELF: Yup.  One Kowalski-mass barrel of Ovalkwik.

MURTAUGH: Your payment, Sergeant, for one completely uneaten Kowalski.

cryokit: *printed* CRY


SCHLOCK: This tastes way better than Petey's newest inmate would have.  Not as crunchy, though.

MURTAUGH: I'll take your word for it.  Thank you for being patient while I arranged delivery of your... bonus.

SCHLOCK: I knew you'd come through.

You're the Captain.

ELF: Speaking of captains, we need to get another ship under your boots, sir.

MURTAUGH: Ship or no ship, he'll call me Captain for as long as I supply him with barrels of Ovalkwik.

SCHLOCK: I like the word "barrels."

cryokit: *printed* CRYOKIT

MURTAUGH: How quickly can we get another ship?


You've reached the end of Delegates and Delegation, Schlock Mercenary Book 15 but you have not yet reached the end of Schlock Mercenary.  There's still quite a bit of that left.

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