Tuesday March 31, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part I


NARRATOR: The mercenary megafreighter Cindercone teraports into Sol System behind the warship Broken Wind.

KEVYN: Welcome to Sol System, Cindy.

CINDY: I've been here before, back when I still wore that tiny gunship hull.

NARRATOR: Cindercone is built of the same expensive material as her escort, but at eight kilometers in diameter she's significantly larger...

NARRATOR: If Broken Wind's value is best measured in multiples of gross national product, Cindercone's price tag uses "kilo-GNP" to save time and zeroes.

CINDY: People are paying far more attention to me this time.

KEVYN: It's so shallow of them to want you for your body.

NARRATOR: If you have to ask how many zeroes there would have been, you don't have enough zeroes.