Saturday March 28, 2015
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration


SORLIE: Sergeant Kowalski, Mako recorded a message and sent it to my personal address.  It's for me, but you ought to hear it.

KOWALSKI: Oh, puh-lease...

KOWALSKI: I'm ready for the big finish.  Feed me to your monsters already!

KOWALSKI: *whispering* You know you want to.


MAKO: *playback* Captain Sorlie,

Tell Gus to craft a "goodbye" video from Libretti to her husband and son.  They deserve the comfort of a good lie.

Also, I've been thinking about that little talk we had.

Civilization needs people who can protect it, and then go back to being a part of it.  Otherwise it stops being civilization.

MAKO: *playback* But you?  You might turn out to be the protection civilization needs.  Don't turn into me, and whatever happens, do not become another Emm.  She always wanted more like me.

I wish this job could have been done differently.  Maybe you'll figure out how that works.

You know, so you can save civilization from its enemies without making it afraid of its weapons.

KOWALSKI: Hmph.  I guess brain-jacking the chunky red-head made me a little soft.

It was probably the freckles.

SORLIE: She wrote a short post-script, too.


SORLIE: "p.s.  If you catch up with the real me, please kill him."

KOWALSKI: Okay, that's more like it.