Sunday September 6, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part II


NARRATOR: Jumpstar Prime, Welcome Center...

sign: *printed* CONCOURSE B

MEATFINGER: I see lots of easy marks, Seppy.

SEPPY: Scan agrees. How long do you think this will last?

MEATFINGER: Long enough for a haul of fat wallets and juicy handbrains. Let's begin.

SEPPY: Painting fat and juicy targets in your HUD now, Meatfinger.

MEATFINGER: I'll hit the looky-loos first. Go spread your wings by the rail.

alien: Oh my! An esspererin!

Ceamus, look!

CEAMUS: Look behind it! I've never seen a cargo ship that size!

MEATFINGER: Seppy, is that a Sanctum Adroit banner?

SEPPY: Yes. Full precinctory, flanked by a squadron of scooter beats.

MEATFINGER: You had to ask how long this would last.

SEPPY: You're the one who said "Long enough" without spitting over your shoulder.