Sunday September 20, 2015
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part II


CINDY: *narrating* This is a "Harmless Sparrow" from Daysun Tingo in Daehre. Hull markings suggest it belongs to Bengen Ralf, a merchanter of ill repute.

These Döblitz Harmadillo-class assault boats belong to an Ystreben scion. They aren't built for ship-to-ship combat, but they'll give us plenty of trouble if our hold is breached.

This used to be the destroyer Gonzhuto, Celeschul Orbital Foundries. It was surplussed thirty years ago, and has been linked to pirate activity near Oth.

This is a Ballista-class destroyer from Aguirre Galactic in Sol System. No call sign, provenance unknown.

It has deployed a half cohort of Gladius-class fighters. I hope that's all it brought.

Hanging back, a Fox and Young Orion-class cruiser positively identified as a privateer from Oshka Kree in the Pereri Ring.

I can see it, so they're either using it wrong, or planning something weird.

KEVYN: Why aren't we already dead?

THURL: Because this isn't a pirate fleet.

It's a loose confederacy of opportunists.

CINDY: I was going to say "because I'm pretty good at this."

KEVYN: You're very good at this, but Thurl's answer means you're about to take your game up a notch.